Solutions for Your Business

ThinkReservations provides solutions to help your business increase revenue and save time.

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    Increase your revenue

    ThinkReservations gives you the tools you need to increase revenue. Start by upselling items to your customers in the booking engine. Additionally, you can package items into your rate and sell those packages alongside your rooms. ThinkReservations also gives you a flexible way of customizing your rates so you can do interesting things such as price one night stays at a higher rate than multiple night stays.

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    Give your customers the best booking experience

    At ThinkReservations, our biggest priority is the customer experience. That is why our booking engine is the leading one out there. Our engine is simple and professional -- it allows customers to book multiple rooms and guides them through the entire process. It is also personalized to look like your website so that customers feel at ease when going from your website to our booking engine!

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    Automate daily tasks to save you time

    ThinkReservations automates a lot of the daily tasks that staff need to perform. Confirmation emails are automatically sent when a reservation is made. Reminder emails are automatically sent before the check in date and follow up emails are sent after the check out date. Housekeeping reports can be configured to be sent automatically to your Housekeepers so that they know when they need to come in.

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    Manage only one calendar

    Stop managing multiple calendars! ThinkReservations has a direct connection with, Expedia,, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and all their respective partner websites. This means we can make sure that rate and availability information is automatically and seemlessly synchronized between all systems. Making a reservation in ThinkReservations will automatically mark the dates for the room as unavailable in Likewise, a reservation made on will appear on your ThinkReservations calendar as soon as it's booked! No more worrying about double bookings!

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    Access your data anywhere and anytime

    ThinkReservations is based on the cloud -- that means you can access your data anywhere, anytime, and on any device! Because your data lives on our servers, you no longer need to maintain any local servers on your properties. You don't even need to worry about taking backups of your data -- we take daily backups of your data so that you don't have to.