Announcing: Derived Rates

We're excited to announce the next phase of updates to Rates Types: Derived Rates and a fresh, new user interface! Derived Rates makes it a breeze to manage multiple rate types. Our new user interface simplifies the way you set up and adjust your rates, restrictions, and more!

Watch the video walk-through.

What are Derived Rates?

Derived Rates allow multiple rate types to be based on one base rate. Sync rates & restrictions automatically from your "Best Available Rate" or standard rate, then adjust the room price by a consistent percentage or dollar amount.

For example: A Military Rate Type that's always a 15% discount - when you update or extend your Best Available Rate, your Military Rate will change accordingly!

screenshot of rate types settings page

New User Interface for Rate Types

We've re-organized your Rate Type settings page to match the look and feel of the rest of the system, while also adding some exciting new functionality to the Rate Calendar.

  • The name of the rate type now shows at the top, to make it clear which rate type you are viewing.
  • The rate calendar design now allows you to see price AND all restrictions simultaneously.
  • Improved colors on the rate calendar make it easier to see what is being edited.
  • We've reduced the number of steps to edit prices and restrictions.
  • The modify tool now allows you to edit multiple restrictions at once.
  • The copy function can copy from one date range to another.
  • You can now see rates and restrictions in the past, up to 3 years back.
  • You can now set rates and restrictions as far as 6 years into the future.
  • The "General Information" tab has been renamed to "Details."

Many more improvements were made that are detailed in both videos and written articles on our Support Center!

screenshot of new rates settings page

Watch our video walk-through.

Check out our written support articles.

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for additional rates enhancements: Promotions!

We look forward to helping you discover new ways to grow your business!

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