Features Announcement April 2019

New Printed Bill Design

We have introduced an updated design for the printed bill.  To view click on the Printer icon within a reservation or bill and you'll see two new options: "Bill - NEW" and "Detailed Bill - NEW". Selecting either will print the bill with the new design. On April 30, we'll be removing the original Bill and Detailed Bill templates from the system.

ThinkReservations new bill with business logo, contact info, customer info and itemized bill

Batch Printing

Along with our printed Bill redesign comes the ability to now print your registration cards, sign-in sheets, and other printable documents by day, rather than having to print per reservation. To use this new time-saving feature, click on Reports and choose Batch Printing listed under the Front Desk header in the left menu.

ThinkReservations Batch Printing report featuring drop-down selectors to set report parameters and preview of bill

Credit Card by Customer/Guest

You now have the ability to retain a credit card with the guest, rather than just with a particular reservation or bill. Whenever you add a new credit card to a reservation, you'll have the option to choose to save the card to the customer for use with future reservations or point-of-sale purchases.

ThinkReservations Retain a Card form including new drop-down to choose to save card to customer

Delete a Retained Credit Card

Rather than simply see the "Credit Card Retained" indicator in a bill, you'll now see a new "Credit Cards" header with an itemized list of retained cards. Occasionally you'll find a credit card should no longer be associated with a customer or reservation. You now have the option to delete the card from ThinkReservations by simply clicking the new Delete link for the respective card in the list of all retained credit cards.

ThinkReservations retained credit cards list featuring new Delete link option

Housekeeping Status Flag

Easily track which rooms are still waiting to be cleaned and which are ready for the next guest with our new Housekeeping Status Flag. This feature can be enabled by going to Settings -> Reservation Calendar -> Enable Housekeeping Dirty/Clean Flag. From the calendar, you can toggle the flag by clicking on it - "white" for clean and "red" for dirty.

ThinkReservations calendar featuring new red and white housekeeping status flag icons

Facebook Pixel Integration

Configure your ThinkReservations account to integrate with Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel allows you to track conversions for your Facebook marketing efforts. Configuring the Pixel is simple. Go to Settings -> Business Settings and add your Facebook Pixel ID where indicated. Going forward, Facebook will be able to track conversion and help you better understand your return on investment.

ThinkReservations facebook pixel id settings field

We look forward to helping you discover new ways to grow your business!

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