We're excited to announce our newest integration: Tripadvisor's Instant Booking

ThinkReservations is proud to share our newest update, which expands our integration with Tripadvisor to support Instant Booking!

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What are the benefits of using Tripadvisor Instant Booking?

Tripadvisor Instant Booking is an OTA unlike the others. It gives you the opportunity to compete against OTAs that buy space on your Tripadvisor listing. It also allows you to own the reservation, and therefore the full customer relationship. Guests who book through Tripadvisor Instant Booking will deal directly with you - not a middleman.

  • Own the guest relationship from the beginning
  • No risk with simple “Pay for Stays” commission model
  • No commitment and no up-front investment
  • Two different models to choose from to best suit your business

Will the Tripadvisor Instant Booking connection work the same way as other OTA connections?

No, there is no setup needed within your ThinkReservations account. Once you are connected, our API allows Tripadvisor to pull all details needed for the booking process directly from your ThinkReservations Booking Engine. We've also created a Frequently Asked Questions document you can review for more information!

What are the costs associated with using Tripadvisor Instant Booking?

For the use of the channel manager, ThinkReservations charges a 3% commission. Separate from this, Tripadvisor charges a commission of either 12% or 15% depending on the model you choose.

How can I get started with Tripadvisor Instant Booking?

Simply follow the steps outlined in our new support article, Getting Started with Tripadvisor Instant Booking. Prior to signing up, you may wish to first check out our FAQ about Tripadvisor Instant Booking for more information.

We look forward to helping you discover new ways to grow your business!

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