Yield Management Plans

Our team is hard at work making a number of highly requested improvements to the way you manage rates. These new features will be rolled out in phases in the coming months. The first phase is to move Yield Management rules out of individual rate types, and into Yield Management Plans that can be applied to multiple rate types.

This update paves the way for our upcoming releases of further Rate Type improvements like Derived Rates!

What does this mean for me?

  • You'll no longer have to manually create yield management rules for each rate type.
  • You can start creating yield management plans and applying them to rate types as needed.
  • If you already use yield management rules, we have set up your Yield Management Plans for you and assigned them to the appropriate Rate Types!
screenshot of yield management plans page

How do I get started?

Yield Management Plans are now enabled on your account. To access this new feature, go to Settings and click on Yield Management Plans.

You'll also notice that the "Yield Management" tab in your Rate Type settings is gone. Instead, you'll find a new field called "Yield Management Plan" in General Info tab where you can configure which Plan, if any, should apply to that Rate Type.

If you have been using yield management in the past, we have gone ahead and created a Plan for each Rate Type that had rules applied. The Plan(s) are named after the corresponding Rate Type(s).

screenshot of yield management drop-down in rate settings

Learn More

Learn more about Yield Management Plans, including how to set them up and how to use them on your Rate Types with our latest support article.

We look forward to helping you discover new ways to grow your business!

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